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You may know or not, but there are life skills that are not taught in school. Here are 10 you don’t want to miss out.

1. Learning faster

You know what is the surprising superpower that billionaires want and you may already have?

You know what is. Yes, is the ability to learn faster. That it!

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and more are sharing their own superpower that helps them to become who they are today.

Do you want to read 3.471 Times Faster? Then you have these two tools:

Spritz is a free tool which will help you to improve your reading while you read online news, blogs and so on.

Another tool which I recommend is 7 Speed Reading. This one you can use offline and cost as little as $80.

I have been using it for 2 years for reading digital books, projects and so on.

2. Coding

In this era, when you are surrounded by this amount of technology, like LOT, AI, is essential to keep up and adapt to it.

Why? Because the risk of being replaced by a robot in the next few years will increase.

On the web, there are plenty of free resources like Codecademy, Khan Academy that you can learn and advance in your career.

3. Public speaking

Speaking in public is a 100% ROI, not only for your personal life but for professional life.

And by the way, with this, you will stand out from the crowd on your job resume list.

Be a part of Toastmaster club in your near area and you will find tremendous benefits.

4. Staying positive

To stay positive when things get upside down is the best skill ever.

You know how to stay positive and you don’t need any approval or 50 people to say “Hey, you are awesome” or “You are doing a great job!”

Simply decide, act on your decision and finally, reward yourself.

5. Use stress

There are enough studies that show, people who are using stress in a positive way, perform better than others who are letting controlled by stress.

Take charge of your stress and use it instead of being used.

6. Energy management

Since you wake up, the level of energy in your body is hight.

Don’t consume it with easy tasks.

First thing first, eat the frog, do the things that are hard, you don’t like to do, be uncomfortable then move to the next task, less hard and so on.

7. Saying No

I have been writing in my previous post, that saying NO is a big step in your career and in your life.

8. Get quality sleep

Sleep is important not only for your body but for your mind and you know that.

I know you are busier, you have so much to work, you need to complete your daily tasks but think about, neglecting your sleep will decrease your brain and body performance.

You know what are the biggest benefits of sleep, so what are you waiting for, sleep more and get a quality sleep like scheduling it and no screen in bed.

9. Digital marketing

In this digitalized world, if you are a blogger, a vlogger without marketing skill you are not getting ahead.

You want to learn digital marketing and you are not where to start? Don’t worry, I got your back with these 2 websites:

Don’t worry, I got your back with these 2 websites:

10. Listening

Since I was a little kid, my parents told me to listen to others and they were right.

Listening should be easy but the truth is, isn’t easy.

Next time when you are interacting with someone use Pareto Principle, 80% listen and 20% talking.


I hope these helped you to gain a new perspective on the Life Skills You Should Learn That Pay Dividends Forever.

Which are the skills would you like to learn?

Leave a comment below!